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Terms & Conditions

These Terms of User (the “Terms”) set out the mutual rights and obligations associated with Users use of the website. We reserve the right to change the Terms unilaterally, without any type of prior notification to Users, as there is no type of registration that collects any type of data in order to make any type of notification.

1. Definition

1.1. In these Terms, Capitalized Terms have the following meaning

Website: Means, www.bonusadviser.com, www.luckadviser.com, www.slotadviser.com, www.slotsleader.com and all versions translated into other languages, that are available using the language selector found on any of these domains.
The personal pronouns in the first person plural We, Our are referring to the operator of the Website.
The User is a natural or legal person who accesses and uses the Website Users are also referred as pronouns in the second person, such as You or Yours.
The Privacy Protection Policy and the Privacy Policy refer to the website’s personal data and privacy protection policy, specified in section 3 of these Terms.
The Data refers to all the information that User provides to the Website.
Data Protection Laws include all laws related to the processing of personal data, including 96/46/EC, the GDPR and any national implementation laws or regulations.
The GRPD refers to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
The EU Cookie law is a directive 2002/58/EC of the Parliament and the European Council of 12 July 2002 amended in 2006 and 2009.

2. General Terms

2.1. This website serves as a provider of independent information and guidance for people interested on playing in online casinos, we are not providers of online gambling services. All data provided on the website is for information only and should not be considered as legal advice.
2.2. There is an effort on our part to ensure that all information published on this website is objective and as accurate as possible since there is constant change with regard to online gambling and its platforms. We are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of information found on this Website.
2.3. On this Website there are links (hyperlinks) to third party websites and platforms. This website has no influence on the content of third parties. We recommend reading the terms and conditions found on third party websites or platforms.
2.4. Using this website, the User gives his consent to these Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy and confirms that he understands and will comply with these same Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy.
2.5. We notify Users as data subjects, whose personal data is processed through the Website, that with regard to personal data, only the current location (country) of the user is used and yet not recorded.
2.6. When accessing the Website, the Individual User confirms being at least 18 years old and having full legal capacity. Access to the Website is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age or under the minimum legal age to play online in the User’s jurisdiction. It is the User’s sole responsibility to determine whether it is legal to play online within their jurisdiction, as well to verify other legal requirements in force.
2.7. Access to the website or certain content may be prohibited, in whole or in part to Users from certain countries or territories in order to comply with local legislation.
2.8. If the User identifies any type of inaccuracy in the information provided on this Website or finds any type of non-compliance with the legislation in force in his country, just needs to contact to info@bonusadviser.com so that it can be analysed and we can comply with local laws from where the Website is accessed by Users.
2.9. In the event that any part of the Terms does not comply with the legislation in force in the User’s country, the remaining parts of the Terms will remain valid.
2.10. The logos, trademarks and texts on the websites belonging to Bonus Adviser that are published on the Website are intellectual property of Website, online casino logos and trademarks, gaming platforms and payment services are subject to intellectual property rights belonging to the respective operators of these. We publish these logos and trademarks on the Website only and only for the purpose of referring to the services provided by the respective owners of the registered trademarks. Copying of content to other sites is permitted only with backlinks with the following option, in the form of html tag or with our prior approval. The content and parts of a content can be republished on the Wikipedia.org website only with the html tag of the backlinks, without the option to follow.

3. Privacy Protection Policy

3.1. Scope of Privacy Policy and Protection

The privacy policy applies only to our actions and the actions of the Users, with respect to the use of this Website. It is not extendable to other websites that can be accessed from this Website, including among others, links outside of it.
For the purposes of the applicable Data Protection Laws, we are the “data controller”. This means that we determine the purpose and how your data is processed.

3.2. Data Collected

In accordance with Privacy Policy, we may collect the following Data, which includes Users Personal Data.
    o     Information automatically collected from the date of your access and the link, if you use it, for any page or platform referenced on the Website, we never keep any type of data totally intrinsic to the individuality of the User (IP/MAC Address)
    o     We keep email only and only during the contact / support period after contacting the User.

3.3. Your rights

All data collected does not have a way of uniquely identifying the User’s identity, so at the risk of presenting data that is not unique to the User who requests it, the User is not allowed any access/editing the data collected due to this fact.
In the case of the email contact, it will be deleted at the end of the support / contact request, the User will always have access to which email we have for contact because it is from the same supply. 
The User can always request the deletion or alteration of the data provided, this will result in total elimination of messages between our services and the user.

3.4. Links to other Websites

The Website provides links to other websites / gaming platforms, however despite extensive analysis for content purposes, we are not responsible for its content as well as its Privacy policy. It is always recommended that you read the terms of these before use.

4. Final Dispositions

4.1. In case of differences between the various translations of these Terms and Conditions, the English version must always be applied.
4.2. Conditions can be changed at any time without notice.